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The Digital Car Journal

A weblog about computers in cars
by Will Fitzgerald
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2001-01 The Digital Car Journal Starts. CES shows digital car pavilion. Microsoft's Car.NET noticed. Detroit Auto Show.
2001-02 I/NET announces conversational interface. Various voice/speech links. Several alliances and new money announcments. Sun announces Java for Linux appliances.
2001-03 SAE Conference. Driver Distraction. Telematics marketing studies. Guest editor Michael Hannemann. Delphi announces job cuts. Even more on safety.
2001-04 Satellite radio. Buridan's Principle. 2002 Infiniti Q45's voice recognition. Review of VoiceXML portals. Delphi Electronics' Communiport MPCpro. Noise cancellation and signal enhancement technology. Click and Clack take on telematics.
2001-05 British Medical Association report on cell phones and safety. EyeforAuto Telematics conference. Congressional inquiry into cell-phone safety. The Odds. North Carolina safety study.
2001-06 New York state bans held-cell cell phones. Various worries expressed about telematics. Volkswagen's Internet-ready car.
2001-07 More on cell-phone distraction, IBM's artificial passenger. Digital Car Journal goes on hiatus.
2002-03 Digital Car Journal returns! Reports from the Digital Car Conference and Exhibition.
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