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The Digital Car Journal

A weblog about computers in cars
by Will Fitzgerald
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What is The Digital Car Journal?
The Digital Car Journal is a weblog about the use of computers in cars, especially relating to telematics and conversational interfaces.
What is a weblog?
A weblog is a journal or diary of someone's interaction with the Web. Although personal in nature--it is, after all, some person's interaction--it can also be topical, as, of course, the Digital Car Journal is. For a succinct history, see Rebecca Blood's Weblogs: A History and Perspective.
Who is Will Fitzgerald?
Dr. Will Fitzgerald is the chief technology officer of I/NET, Inc. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from Northwestern University. His research and subsequent work has been on building "conversational interfaces," or systems to allow people to interact with machines via normal language dialog. He's married, has two children, and corrects people's grammar as a hobby. You can contact him at fitzgerald@inetmi.com. He promises only to correct other people's grammar, not yours.
What is telematics?
Telematics, very broadly defined, is the use of the wireless internet in vehicles. Telematics applications include navigational aids, safety and emergency services, information and entertainment services and tracking/logistics. Google search: What is telematics?
I saw something that you should take a look at! Do you want to see it?
Absolutely! Just email me at fitzgerald@inetmi.com. All submissions become the property of an advance alien race studying our primitive information and transportation systems, and will be used at their discretion.

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