Tunes to consider around US Independence Day

Behold the smiling, happy land that Freedom calls her own...

Tune nameDensonCooper 
Babylon is Fallen117427No country escapes the judgment of God.
Chester479-By American composer William Billings, this once was considered the unofficial national anthem.
Granville547-"Lord, while we see whole nations die, our flesh and sense repine and cry, `Must Death forever rage and reign?'"
Greenwich183-No leader escapes the judgment of God.
Liberty137137"No more beneath th'oppressive hand of tyranny we groan."
Mount Vernon110110A Lament for George Washington
Murillo's Lesson358358"Columbia ... The queen of the world and the child of the skies."
My Country, 'Tis of Thee (America)-484b"Sweet land of liberty..."
Ode on Science242-All haughty tyrants we disdain, And shout, "Long live America."
Soldier's Delight487-"Fight for your country and your God"
The American Star346-"The spirits of Washington, Warren, Montgomery Look down from the clouds..."
War Department160t-Devilishly difficult to sing; the text is considered racist by some; others argue that it is a paean to peacable living.

Contributors include Paul Figura and Lee Bradley. Any and all errors are mine, of course.

--Will Fitzgerald, July, 2006