2004 Sacred Harp Singings

Sacred Harp Singings in 2004


Each dot in the map above represents a location that held a Sacred Harp singing listed in the 2004 Sacred Harp minutes. Because quite a few singings occur in Alabama and Georgia, there's a cut-out map of singings in these states.

I created this map using Map-It and some manipulations afterwards using GraphicConverter. I used longitude and latitude data provided by the US Census Bureau and an early version of the 2004 Sacred Harp minutes provided by Chris Thorman. The data file I created (using a variety of tools, including Microsoft Excel and Emacs) is available as a comma-separated value file--so you can make your own map if you like!

If you have comments or corrections about this map, I'd be glad to hear them--just write me at will.fitzgerald@pobox.com.