Canonical List of Sticky Jokes

First, there was the Ur-Sticky:

  • What's brown and sticky? A stick

Then, Sharon Fenick's riff:

  • What's green and leaky? A leek.

Now comes the "Canonical List of Sticky Jokes"

  • What's brown and sticky?
  • What's green and leaky? [sf]
  • What's red and whiney? [wf]
  • What's hot and muggy? [wf]
  • What's short and nappy? [wf]
  • What's digital and handy? [wf]
  • What's dependable and tidy? [wf]
  • What's spotted and dicey? [wf]
  • What's short, humorous and skittish? [wf]
  • What's spear-like and tiny? [sf]
  • What's logical and naughty? [sf]
  • What's has a family resemblance and gamey? [sf]
  • What's beige and phoney? [mh]
  • What's intangible and stocky? [mh]
  • ? What's viscous and GUI? [mh]
  • What's tasty, yet mealy? [wf]
  • What's grows in ditches and is pokey? [wf]
  • What's small and natty? [wf]
  • ??? What's green and shrubbery? [wf]
  • What's wet and creaky? [wf]
  • ?? What's magic and genial? [wf]
  • What's marginal and glossy? [wf]
  • What's sharp and tacky? [wf, I think]
  • ?? What's fine and sharp? -- A Sharpie [mh]
  • ?? What's deep and grotty? -- A grotto [mh]
  • What's grey and clammy? [unknown]
  • What's red and sticky? -- That bloody stick again! [unknown]
  • What's blue and cheesey? [tg]
  • What's hot and chilly? [tg]
  • What's geographical and chilly? [tg, alt, wf]
  • What's long and horny? [tg]
  • What's long and runny? [gd]

The contributors

  • [wf] Will Fitzgerald
  • [sf] Sharon Fenick
  • [mh] Michael Hannemann
  • [tg] That Girl! Found by [sf] on alt.tasteless.jokes.
  • [gd] George Denny