Additional Verses for the Harmonia Sacra, 25th Edition

Some extra verses included in earlier 19th century editions:
63 b Tender Thought v. 5: But feebly my compassion proves,
And can but weep where most it loves;
Thy own all-saving arm employ,
And turn these drops of grief to joy.
67 b Rockbridge v. 5: But I shall share a glorious part,
When grace hath well refined my heart,
And fresh supplies of joy are shed,
Like holy oil, to cheer my head.
77 b Hiding Place v. 4: Vindictive justice stood in view,
To Sinai's fiery mount I flew;
But justice cried with frowning face,
This mountain is no hiding place.
v. 5: But lo! a heavenly voice I heard,
And Mercy's angel soon appeared;
Who led me on a pleasing pace
To Jesus Christ my hiding place.
95 b Medfield v. 5: The sure provisions of my God
Attend me all my days;
O may thy home be my abode,
And all my work be praise.
103 Piety v. 5: No--thou art precious to my heart--
My portion and my joy:
My portion and my joy:
Forever let thy boundless grace,
Forever let thy boundless grace
My sweetest thoughts employ.
104 a Bethel v. 5: Heav'n, earth, and air, and seas are thine,
And the dark world of hell;
They saw thine arm in vengeance shine
When Egypt durst rebel.
111 a Youthful Glory v. 5: Ere yet the heart the woes of age,
With vain regret deplore,
And sadly muse on former joys,
That now return no more;
And sadly muse . . .
131 b Idumea v. 5: Turn, Turn us, mighty God!
And mould our souls afresh!
Break, sov'reign grace, these hearts of stone,
And give us hearts of flesh.
142 a Heavenly Rest v. 5: Lord God of truth and grace!
Teach us that death to shun;
Lest we be banished from thy face,
And evermore undone.
And evermore undone.
144 a Florida v. 5: But I with all my cares,
Will lean upon the Lord;
I'll cast my burdens on his arm,
And rest upon his word.
I'll cast my . . .
160 b Examination v. 5: If I pray, or hear, or read,
Sin is mixed with all I do;
You that love the Lord indeed,
Tell me, is it thus with you?
164 a Pleyel's Hymn v. 5: Sinners turn, why will ye die?--
God the Spirit asks you why?--
He who all your lives hath strove,
Woo'd you to embrace his love.
164 b Hendon,
(alternate words): v. 1. Would you win a soul to God?
Tell him of a Savior's blood,
Once for dying sinners spilt,
To atone for all their guilt,
To atone . . .
v. 2. Tell him, how the stream did glide
From his hands, his feet, his side;
How his head with thorns was crown'd,
And his heart in sorrow drown'd, and . . .
v. 3. How he yielded up his breath;
How he agonized in death;
How he lives to intercede--
Christ our Advocate and Head, Christ our . . .
v. 4. Tell him of that liberty
Wherewith Jesus makes us free;
Sweetly speak of sins forgiven--
Earnest of the joys of heav'n,
Earnest . . .
165 b Alarming Voice v. 5: Lord prepare us by thy grace!
Soon we must resign our breath,
And our souls be called to pass
Through the iron gate of death.
Through the iron . . .
183 b Vernon v. 3: Yield to me now, for I am weak,
But confident in self-despair;
Speak to my heart, in blessings speak--
Be conquered by my instant pray'r;
Speak, or thou never hence shalt move,
And tell me if thy name be Love.
264 Gracious Reward v. 5: Then in a moment, to my view,
The stranger darted from disguise,
The tokens in His hands I knew;
My Savior stood before my eyes--
He spake and my poor name he named,--
"Of Me thou hast not been ashamed,
These deeds shall thy memorial be,
Fear not, thou didst them unto Me."
282 a The Chariot v. 5: O mercy! O mercy! look down from above,
Great Creator, on us, thy sad children, with love!
When beneath to their darkness the wicked are driven,
May our justified souls find a welcome in heaven.
302 Resignation v. 4: O what are all my sufferings here
If, Lord, thou count me meet!
With that enraptured host t'appear;
And worship at thy feet!
Give joy or grief, give ease or pain,
Take life or friends away,
But let me find them all again
In that eternal day.

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