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A lalla lalla rumba kamanda lind or burúmë

About: Entish is the language of the Ents. It's said to be long-winded and musical. The only authentic Entish we know is part of the name for 'hill,' which is A lalla lalla rumba kamanda lind or burúmë. Given this small corpus, I think that Entish words are normally accented on the first syllable (and so accent is marked only when it's not on the first syllable), and the syllables have follow a V, CV, or CVL structure (where V is vowel, C is consonant, and L are the liquids and nasals). I think the consonants are probably 'b','d','g','p','t','k','l','r','m' and 'n'; with 'l' and 'r' the only liquids and 'm' and 'n' the only nasals. I'm sure the vowels take their 'European' values, and an 'umlaut' just emphasizes that the vowel be pronounced. Reduplication is also prevalent. See also: Entish: Say nothing that isn't worth saying.