Willie Mays: Don’t touch blasting caps

April 13th, 2008 | by Will |

This Willie Mays PSA really scared me as a kid.

You protect your arms and hands legs and save your eyes. If you see a blasting cap remember now, don’t touch them. Tell a police or a fireman or whatever it is. Have fun like I do with those (baseball mitt, bat and ball) and not with these (blasting caps!!)

Anyone I’ve ever met who is exactly my age in years and grew up near Detroit remembers this with fear. I’ve often wondered who produced it. It was sponsored by the “Institute of Makers of Explosives,” which has a lovely website as well as the killer tagline: “Explosives make it possible.”

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  2. By CIndy on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    I grew up in NE Indiana (1950’s). Everywhere in my neighborhood, the utility poles had placards with pictures of blasting caps – dire warnings not to touch them.

  3. By Dale on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I grew up in Detroit and distincly remember seeing this PSA as a kid. It really didn’t scare me or my friends for that matter, it actully made us curious as to where we could get our hands on them.
    Boys of that era were all playing “war” because our fathers had fought the “Japs” or the “Krouts” in WW II, and our uncles had fought the “gooks” in Korea.(Names of nationalities that are not PC now). So naturally we were interested in anything that was dangerous that had a military overtone. Thank goodness we never found any, because I eventually entered the Army and saw first hand how danderous a device they really are.

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