Passports with RFID tags

October 5th, 2004 | by Will |

According to Bruce Schneier, the Bush adminstration wants to put RFID tags in our passports.

Unfortunately, there is only one possible reason: The administration wants surreptitious access [to the broadcast information on the passports] themselves. It wants to be able to identify people in crowds. It wants to surreptitiously pick out the Americans, and pick out the foreigners. It wants to do the very thing that it insists, despite demonstrations to the contrary, can’t be done.

(via boingboing.)

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  2. By ---dean on Oct 14, 2004 | Reply

    Waaaay to easy to beat the current RFID technology … for <$0.25 you can have complete piece of mind re your passport’s vulnerability to surreptitious access. It is likely to remain the same for some time until / unless the W fan club is ready to take on the risks inherent with the more invasive measures that would be needed to deal with detected nulls.

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