i thank You God

September 19th, 2005 | by Will |

Today was a good, happy day:

  • Driving to church today, Jane (our daughter) had us laughing out loud with her jokes and wordplay.
  • I led worship at church today, and people affirmed that leadership, even though a lot of it has been leading singing a cappella. It looks like I’ll be heading up the ‘worship team’ at church, and like many beginnings, I’m happy thinking about the possibilities of positive change.
  • We went to the ‘fellowship meal’ after church, and it was pleasant to talk to folks (well, partly it was the affirmation–see point one above).
  • We’re considering buying a new house (see 1219grand.com), and we visited it again today with Jane, who seemed thrilled with it; the house is still on the market, and this is another of those new beginnings.
  • The monthly Kalamazoo Sacred Harp singing was lots of fun–Thomas Malone has moved to Michigan, and hopes to attend our singing regularly. What a fine singer–he sat with the altos because we were just had two others, and one was a new singer. Eldon and Esther Christofel also attended–they are members of our Mennonite Church, and learned to sing using seven shapes. They brought Eldon’s mother, too, who is the very image of the aged Christian saint.
  • It was a beautiful, sunny fall day; I experience daily the benefits of the accumulated love (over 26 years!) of a woman I deeply love and admire; I talked to friends and close family…

All in all, a happy day. Not all days are or can be so happy, but I feel grateful for ‘everything … which is yes.’

Update: We decided against the house for now.

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  2. By ---dean on Sep 20, 2005 | Reply

    Ironic counterbalance to my SU crusade. I have for some time had an issue with weekly church prayer lists, which are full of petitions of need and which consistently have a blank section – “Prayers of Thanks”. It builds up for a while, a submit a batch from my own list, and nothing / no one joins in, so I despair and let it go. In the midst of widespread congregational soul-searching about “what program / feature / accessory / music do we need to attract New Members” I wonder if we might just start being a people of more intentional and routine and sincere “Thank You”. It makes one smile and smiles invite. Anyway I ended the day smiling as I picked 20 bushels of apples – we filled 3 crates (50 bu each) and are delivering one to Gospel Mission this week.

    You’re a thankful sort, Will, and it’s great to see it recognized and nurtured.


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